Signature Brows Trimmer


Want Perfect Brows?ūüĎᬆ

Making trips down to trim your brows at clinics can be tedious! 

Spending lots of money, making appointments, traveling, just to perfect your eyebrows can be a hassle!

Avoid this with our Flawless Eyebrow Trimmer. 

Our Eyebrow Trimmer Has Won The Best Beauty Product Award For 2017 & 2019!

Designed from the ground up in Los Angeles by Beautyskits, the product has gone through 1000s of tests by Women's Health, Elle, Forbes & many more to help us make this product super special. 

  • The Signature Brows Trimmer¬†is very simple to use.
  • Zips through the unwanted hair¬†for¬†Flawless Brows
  • It is also¬†lightweight and small in size; which means you can bring it out with you and perfect your eyebrows even when you are outside!

Women's Eyebrows are the most important and we got you, ladies! Perfecting your brows anytime and anywhere! Saving you precious money and valuable time! Make this investment now, you can thank us later.

"Just Keeps Your Brows On Point Every Time You Need It To Be" - Rachel Adams


  • Precision at its Best¬†- Designed with German Engineering. Precise tip helps remove¬†the finest of hair, targets the smallest areas to help you maintain the perfect brows.
  • Comfort and Pain-Free¬†- No irritation, blemishes, cuts, bumps or redness, for ultimate comfort.¬†No longer need troublesome tweezers!
  • Stylish and Portable¬†- With the size of a lipstick,¬†the Eyebrow Trimmer provides optimal hair removal at all times for women.
  • Built-in LED Light¬†-¬†The¬†LED lights clearly shows the finest of hair and ensure¬†on-point¬†trimming.

Our patented innovative Beautyskits‚ĄĘ Flawless Eyebrow Trimmer will¬†make you get tons of¬†complimpents¬†on your brows! Never have to get your brows done again, just use our tool instead.¬†P.S most customers here¬†perfer¬†this over threading & waxing.

The Eyebrow Trimmer's discreet and stylish design is The New Solution to waxing that does not irritate your skin. Your new best-kept secret on maintaining Perfect Eyebrows!
Flawless Brows√ʬĄ¬Ę by Finishing Touch√ā¬ģ
Flawless Brows√ʬĄ¬Ę by Finishing Touch√ā¬ģ
Flawless Brows√ʬĄ¬Ę by Finishing Touch√ā¬ģ
Flawless Brows√ʬĄ¬Ę by Finishing Touch√ā¬ģ
Flawless Brows√ʬĄ¬Ę by Finishing Touch√ā¬ģ